Read, create and love in June!

june sign

Here is my regular post that looks ahead at the month and suggests things you could read, create and love with your children. These things will focus on celebrating the start of Summer, minibeasts and the men in our lives!


June books

Daddy books

Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems This is a great story, encourages lots talk about our emotions.

The Emperor’s egg by Martin Jenkins Such a cute story!

Guess how much I love you by Sam McBratney  A classic!

We’re going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen Another classic! (loads of arts ideas on the blog)

My Dad by Anthony Browne Great book about the role of a Dad.

My Dad thinks he’s funny by Katrina Germein Any Dad’s that are constantly telling sill jokes?

Minibeast books (These are my top 5 minibeasts picture books).

Crunchy munchy caterpillar by Sheridan Cain This a great simple book about the lifecycle of a butterfly.

Norman the slug by Sue Hendra (Click here for my post about this book).

What the ladybird heard by Julia Donaldson (Click here for my post about this book).

Arrrragghhh spider by (Click here for my post about this book).

Superworm by Julia Donaldson (Click here for my post about this book).


What about making a Father’s day gifts this year? These keyrings are always very popular! (Click here for lots of homemade gift ideas)

2015-06-17 12.29.13

Minibeast crafts- recently we made these stunning butterflies!


Celebrate the start of Summer by making a beautiful summer garland to bring the wonderful summer colours in the home.

2016-02-22 10.00.35

Celebrate the delicious summer fruits Have some fun with all the different wonderful fruits that are now in season……… could make fruit kababs/pops…….. fruit ice pops……. smoothies…..

IMG_20160823_165030 (1)


  1. 30dayswild This month take part in #30dayswild, get outside everyday during June!
  2. Celebrate the Dad’s! Get busy making cards and gifts and spend some special times with Dad’s or the men in our lives.
  3. Strawberries! Get picking! Find your local strawberry farm and enjoy! We are definitely going to do this, this year!
  4. Alfresco Let’s enjoy the sunshine and eat in the garden.
  5. Visit a butterfly farm This is always a fun activity seeing the amazing variety of butterflies up close.
  6. Play Poohsticks…….. one of the easiest fun free things to do at the park!
  7. Minibeast madness……….. hunt for them in their garden….. make them……… read about them………make a bug hotel……
  8. Big screen Watch Wimbledon on a big screen…….. Pims for the adults and ice-cream for the kids….yes please!

Well I hope you found this post useful! If you have got suggestions of things we should be doing in June let me know! Happy June everyone! xx


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What did we read, create and love in May?

Hello everyone, I hope you had a good May, we having been enjoying some beautiful sunshine at the end of the month.

Here is my monthly post where I look back at the month and share some of the things we have been reading, creating and loving!

Thank you once again for reading my blog!


Tom and I read together “Danny champion of the world” by Roald Dahl. Tom really enjoyed the story and is now constantly looking out for pheasant (……… Lewisham!). When we first started reading it I wasn’t sure about the storyline…….. but of course I was won over! A great story of a father and son relationship.

This month, I read “Jo Molane: My story” by Jo Molane- this is her biography. What a great inspiring read! She certainly hasn’t had life easy but with faith and determination she has achieved an amazing dream business!

We have been reading “Yucky worms” by Vivian French, it is lovely gentle story book full of information. For my book share click here!


We have been really enjoying getting creative this month, here are three of our favourites: Favourite animal art, clay sculptures and fizzy prints!


These are the little things I have loved and smiled about this month:

Simple family fun…… woods, baking, parks…. just never seem to get enough of it!

Honest chats, I really love the media campaign #itisoktosay so much better to be open about how we feel- everyone goes through ups and down. Let be there to support one another!

Words cannot express how happy we were to attend a beautiful 3 year olds dedication service –  life goes in so many different directions….. but when something so utterly amazing comes together so perfectly, we are truly thankful!

A couple of friends and I attended a Betty Etiquette modern calligraphy class. It was great to have a go at something new, will keep practicing! It was a lovely evening!

I know I talk about this often but I really love supporting local businesses and I feel excited that I can do this in the area I live in! I love the fact I go into a local gift shop and they know me by name…….. I am a regular at local in the butchers and we have a choice in lovely independent cafes! #smile

I love exploring new places! This month we went out to celebrate a friends birthday and we went to Caravan Bankside, the food was amazing and I want to go back and order exactly the same food!

Finally got mention my last smile…… blue skies and sunshine, horray!

Thanks for reading, hope you had a good May, I’d love to know what you have been reading, creating and loving, you can use the hashtag #readcreatelove to let me know!  Happy June everyone xxx

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Supertato to the rescue!

Sue Hendra is one of our favourite authors, when Tom was little I remember reading “Barry the fish with fingers” over and over again to him! Also “Norman, the slug with the silly shell” is one of my top ten pictures books. More recently Tom has really enjoyed the “Supertato” series of books.

The first “Supertato” book begins by explaining some vegetables are frozen for a very good reason. The evil pea has escaped from the freezer and is causing trouble for the other vegetables. However Supertato is there to rescue the vegetables, but will we see the end of Supertato?

The second book “Supertato: veggies assemble” starts with the evil pea looking for trouble once again! The evil pea switches off the freezer and wakes up all the other peas in the supermarket so there are evil peas everywhere! The other vegetables quickly find themselves in trouble. Will Supertato come and save the day again? Or does he need a little help from some Superveggies?

In “Supertato: run, veggies, run!” Supertato is trying to keep the vegetables in the supermarket fit and healthy….as we have never heard of an unhealthy vegetable! Supertato has the idea of having a sports day! Having heard there will be prizes the evil pea turns up with a suspicious looking watermelon. Will the watermelon win all the prizes? Will Supertato suspicions be correct? Will he be able to act quick enough to save the day?


The original “Supertato” is by far our favourite of the three books but all the books are great fun, especially if you know a superhero fan! The books are full of humour and the illustrations are perfect and the children love to spend time looking at each page.

I think this book would be a great book/series of books to use in schools to engage children in literacy. The children could retell the story, write alternative ending, design their own superveggie and make up their own adventure for Supertato……. so much learning!

After reading these books you just have to get potato printing…..right!!!??!! With the younger children I simply encourage them to make prints, the older children used their prints to design their own potato superheroes. For some more potato printing ideas check out my previous post on fruit and vegetable printing.

2017-05-23 13.54.36 (2)

Happy reading and creating! xx

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“What the ladybird heard….”

We are great fans of Julia Donaldson and one of our favourites that she is has written is “What the ladybird heard”. Julia has gone on to write “What the ladybird heard NEXT” and soon to be released “What the ladybird heard on holiday”. Each book focuses on the main character the ladybird as well as the other farm animals. The character of the ladybird doesn’t say a word unless she really has to but she is always watching and coming to up with cunning plans to save the day!

In the “What the ladybird heard” the ladybird over hears two thieves planning to steal the fine prize cow, they plan their route to the cow using a map of the farm. The ladybird tells the other animals and suggests a very cunning plan to trick the thieves. Will they steal the cow or will the ladybirds plan trick the thieves?

In the “What the ladybird heard NEXT” the fat red hen realises her eggs are going missing. The ladybird decides to find out what is going on. She discover the thieves are back and they planning to steal hen this time. The ladybird tells the farm animals but the she has another cunning plan to trick the thieves. Will the hen be safe? Will the farmer find out what is happening in his farm?


Both these books are beautifully illustrated by Lydia Monks and the children love the glitter details, particularly when they follow the trail of the ladybird.

When I was still teaching I used “What the ladybird heard” with my class, it is a great book for storytelling and making maps.

I look forward to reading “What the ladybird heard on holiday” soon.


Happy reading xx

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Fizzy printing!

Science and art go so well together! We have been exploring bio carbonate of soda and vinegar, we added some colour for extra fun and loved the results!

2017-05-18 07.44.09-2.jpg

Here is how we made some fizzy prints:  

Need: bio carbonate of soda, white vinegar, liquid watercolours or food colouring, tray (I used a baking tray), paper, pipets.

2017-05-17 14.56.26.jpg

I put a layer of bio carbonate of soda over a baking tray, then invited the children to put drops of different colours over the powder. Next the children used a pipet to put white vinegar onto the colours. The children loved to see the reaction…. fizzing colours! When the children had enjoyed exploring, we placed paper over the tray and rubbed it before peeling back the paper to reveal the print! When the paper is dry brush away excess powder.

 2017-05-18 07.45.56 (3).jpg

Don’t they look beautiful!?!?!?

Happy creative exploring everyone! xx

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Yucky worms!!!??!!

Yucky worms by Vivian French is a great book for those children who are unsure of worms and equally great for those children that will happily pick them up!


The story starts one day when a little boy is in the garden with his Gran. Gran digs up a worm, the boy says “Yuck, throw it away!” Gran explains that worms are her friends and how they help her in the garden. The book teaches lots about worms including the body parts of a worm, what they eat, about worm poo and worm predators.

The book is written in a story style though it is full of information, I certainly learnt a lot! The book can be enjoyed with a wide age range of children – younger children can be read the main part of the story and older children can look at the more detailed facts about worms.


The illustrations are beautiful simple drawings which add to the gentle nature of the book. This book would be great to share in a school while learning about “Minibeasts”. At the back it has some useful information about being a “Wormologist” and an index too.

Another great worm book is “Superworm” by Julia Donaldson, click here to find out more information and some worm related craft ideas.

Do you know any other worm themed picture books?

Happy reading x


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“The Huey’s in: None the number” by Oliver Jeffers.

As you already know from reading this blog, we are great Oliver Jeffers fans and have read many of his books. I found “The Huey’s in: None the number” in the library and I had to bring it home to share with the children as I know how much they loved “The Huey’s in: It wasn’t me”.


“The Huey’s in: None the number” is a number book with a humorous twist. One of the Huey’s is wondering if “none” is a number. Another of the Huey’s explains that none is a number and he goes on to say none is just like any other number. The story goes from 0 up to 10, but will the Huey’s understand none is a number by the end of the book?


The illustrations are typically fantastic and it is has extra handwritten text which adds to the detail of the story and often humour to it too.

This book is a great way to introduce the concept of “0” to children.

Oliver Jeffers does it again, highly recommend!

Click here to find out more about “The Huey’s in: It wasn’t me”.


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