“Pick a pine tree” by Patricia Toht

Have you seen “Pick a pine tree” by Patricia Toht illustrated by Jarvis? The book shares the process of changing a pine tree into a Christmas tree!


The story begins with a family going to choose their pine tree and bringing it home. It goes through the steps to make the pine tree into the Christmas tree from moving furniture to make space for it, to putting on the lights, decorations and choosing what should go at the top.


The book shares the variety of different decorations you can put on the tree so it is great for discussion – Which decoration would you put on your tree? What do you put on the top of your tree? As an adult it brings back lots of lovely memories of family traditions associated with preparing for Christmas.

I can’t express how much I love Jarvis’s illustrations, the colours are vibrant and bold with a real retro feel! The book is written in a lovely rhythmic style that makes it a joy to read aloud.

The perfect picture book to read while you are getting ready for Christmas!

Happy reading!

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