“The queen’s present” by Steve Antony

We totally love “The queen’s hat” by Steve Antony so we were delighted to find the “The queen’s present” in our local library!


The story begins outside Harrods, London’s famous department store where the Queen has not been able to find the perfect gift for her grandson or granddaughter. Fortunately help comes in the form of Father Christmas who whisks the Queen around the world in search of that perfect gift! They visit many different countries and landmarks including the great Pyramids of Egypt and the Sydney Opera house! Finally Santa delivers the Queen back to Sandringham house, did she find the perfect gift in any of the places she visited? What will the Prince and Princess receive from the Grandmother?

A lovely heart-warming end to a wonderful Christmas story!


Don’t forget just like “The queen’s hat” you can search each page for the queen’s butler, the older children particularly love doing this.

Wonderful Christmas picture book, highly recommend!

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