20 ideas for non toy Christmas gift ideas!

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Christmas shopping???! I am always hearing parents say their child has too many toys, or they don’t really play with toys. However Christmas comes along and we want to give our children something to open on Christmas morning………..

So I have put a list of 20 non-toy Christmas gift ideas………

1.       A Plant- my son has a little cactus which he gave a name and it lives in his bedroom. It is great for teaching children about living things!

2.       Garden tools – you can buy lovely children size garden tools which is great because it really encourages children to get involved caring for a plant pot or garden.

3.       Seeds – children absolutely love seeing something they have planted grow! Perfect size for a stocking gift.

4.       Wind up torch- torches are just so much fun even just under the duvet.

5.       Baking equipment – apron, mixing bowl, wooden spoon- children love having their own special things to use in the kitchen.

6.       Ingredients to cook- on Pinterest there are so many lovely ideas for giving children cooking ingredients.

7.       Cookery book- Tom absolutely loves his cooking book and loves finding “his” recipe for things we are cooking. I think it is good if the book includes savoury as well as sweet too.

8.       Magnifying glass and book – children are always so fascinated in taking a close up look at things and having a book alongside it to find out information is great.

9.       Microscope – great to explore little treasures children collect.

10.   Binoculars – lovely to take out to the park or the woods.

11.   Craft resources – there are looks of lovely kit type gifts available. Last year I bought jars and filled them with craft bits for gifts e.g. stickers, washi tape, glue stick, pipe cleaners, lollypop sticks.

12.   Art resources – sketch book and pencils or watercolours.

13.   Playdough – make up some playdough, put it in a jar and with a cookie cutter and it makes a really fun cheap gift!

14.   Subscription magazine- children love receiving post, imagine their joy of regularly receiving a magazine of their interest through their door!

15.   Audio books – great for bedtimes and in the car.

16.   Books – so many amazing picture book, chapter books and non-fiction books to choose from.

17.   Seasonal pass – find a local attractions and buy 6 months or a year pass so there is always something to do on a quiet weekend.

18.   An experience – This year my son (and my husband) are being given “Go-ape” vouchers!

19.   A course – a half-term of swimming lessons, forest school workshop…. Find out what is available in your local area.

20.   Clothes – find out what the child really likes at the moment and see if you can find clothing in that theme……… both parent and child will be happy!

I would love to hear any other ideas you have too!

Happy Christmas  shopping everyone! x

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One Response to 20 ideas for non toy Christmas gift ideas!

  1. I love these ideas 🙂 I’ve already got M some binoculars…shall be considering some of your other ideas x


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