“Grandad’s secret giant” by David Litchfield

David Litchfield is one of our top children’s picture book authors/illustrators, he creates such classic heart-warming stories. We particularly love “The bear and the piano” and “The Marvellous moon map”.


“Grandad’s secret giant” is about a young boy called Billy and his Grandad. One day Billy explains to his Grandad that they have been painting a mural but they can’t finish it because the wall is so high they can’t reach the top. Grandad says that he knows someone who could help…. a secret giant! Billy doesn’t believe there is a real giant that helps people in the town. Grandad challenges Billy to go to the mural at dawn the following day to see if the giant is real. What will Billy see at dawn? What will he do when he comes face to face with the secret giant? Did he do the right thing? What would he do if he was able to see him again? What would he learn from meeting a giant?


I think this is a great book to discuss the notion that “people are scared of things that are different”. Lots of schools are spending time talking about diversity and accepting that everyone is different, I think this book could be used with young children to help children reflect upon this and think about the consequences of our words and actions on others.

David Litchfield’s illustrations are always stunning, they add details and humour to the story. Children love taking time to look at each of the pages.

I highly recommend this book to be enjoyed as a bedtime story as well as a resources to support personal, social and emotional development in young children.

Happy reading xx

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