“There is no dragon in this story” by Lou Carter and Deborah Allwright

“There is no dragon in this story” by Lou Carter and Deborah Allwright is wonderful picture book with a great fun twist on traditional fairy stories.


The story begins by the author explaining what the story was meant to be about…. However the dragon in the story has gone off in a huff because he is never the hero. In his huff the dragon searches to see if he could possibly be a hero, he finds various fairy tale characters and asks if he can be in their story…… but they all explain that he can’t because there are no dragons in their story. Suddenly the dragon finds himself caught up in the story of Jack and the beanstalk….……. maybe they do need a dragon in the story? Is the dragon hero material after all? Will the dragon save the day?


This a great simple story which contains repeated phases that the children will love to join with, it also has a great story structure which makes it easy for children to follow and engage with. The illustrations are bold and vibrant which enhance each part of the story.

This book could simply be read and enjoyed, however there is lots of potential for it to be used to support literacy. This story would be a great to use in schools alongside other traditional fairy stories. Within the book there is a clear pictorial model of the story structure which could be used with children to support story telling.

I highly recommend this heart-warming story!

Happy reading x


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