“Have you seen my giraffe?” by Michelle Robinson and Claire Powell.

“Have you seen my giraffe?” by Michelle Robinson and Claire Powell is a great classic picture book which will definitely make you smile!

What would you do if you won a giraffe at the fun fair? Would your parents let you keep it as a pet? Though giraffes are cute they are also very big and clumsy! Where could you keep a pet giraffe? The girl in this story tries to show her parents that her giraffe does fit in their home, in a variety of different places but her parent are not convinced so she decides to simply hide the giraffe. Is it possible to hide a giraffe? The girl tries lots of places but in the end maybe the giraffe has to go back to where he is came from……….A lovely ending to a great picture book!

A simple humourous story with a happy ending! Highly recommended! x

We also love “Odd socks” by Michelle Robinson and Rebecca Ashdown which is a cute story of love lost and then found again! (Click here for more information) For another great giraffe story check out my blog post and creative ideas for “Giraffe’s can’t dance” xx



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