8 Thrifty creative ideas

Honestly getting creative with children doesn’t require lots of money and resources there is so much you can do with things you already have in your home! I ran a series over on Instagram sharing every Wednesday an idea for getting creative with the things you already have in your home so no added cost necessary. I decided to share the ideas here on the blog too.

I hope you find some useful ideas!

Bubble wrap – check out this post for more details about bubble wrap printing.

2017-07-11 14.33.54 (2)

Muffin tin printing- for more details about printing with a muffin tin, check out my post about printing with things you have in the home.


Explore paint inside a bag – this idea is not only thrifty but no mess too! If the child is age/stage appropriate allow them to put paint onto a piece of card or you can do this part. Then put the card in the plastic bag, seal it with a little tape and allow the child to explore spreading, scrapping and mixing the paint without getting messy. Once the child has finished, take the card to reveal the masterpiece!


Scrape art – check out this post about our favourite creative activities including scrape art. 


Cotton bud painting – instead of always using paint brushes try cotton buds, they make great dotty marks!!!

2017-09-06 14.57.34 (2)

Lego printing – Super simple – dipping the lego in the paint and printing onto paper, younger children will make random marks while older children enjoy making patterns.

2017-09-12 14.18.39

Printing on a freezer/sandwich bag – for more details check out my post about printing with things you have in your home.

2017-09-19 15.02.10-2

Mini paint pallet- another super simple one – put a little paint on a scrap of card and invite the children to mix their own colours and use them to paint a picture.

IMG_20170719_181401_240 (1)

What are your favourite thrifty creative ideas? Remember if you are on Instagram add to #thriftycreativemums to your pictures to share your thrifty ideas.

Enjoy getting creative! xxx

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