Camille Walala inspired!!!

During the summer we visited the Now gallery in Greenwich which was exhibiting Camille Walala’s fantastic artwork. The children loved exploring and getting to interact with real art. We have then gone on to research some of Camille art and found ourselves very inspired!

Here are two different pieces of art we have created:

2017-10-03 09.08.05-1.jpg

Printing shapes art

Need: paint (various colours including black), paper and shapes to print (we used wood toy blocks).

The children first printed with different colours and shapes. When it was dry we printed black rectangles over the top.

2017-10-02 16.01.19

Shapes and washi tape art

Need: Paper, pencil, ruler, circle template, paint, paintbrushes, washi tape.

I invited the children to draw their design using a ruler, adding circles if they wanted to. They then painted their shapes different colours. When it was dry they added washi tape around the edges of the shapes.

Which artist are inspiring you at the moment???

Happy creating! x

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