“Mrs Mole, I’m home” by Jarvis

Some books I pick up I instantly fall in love with and this book definitely falls into that category. “Mrs Mole, I’m home!” by Jarvis is a fun and warm-hearted story!


Mrs Mole has had a busy day at work and is keen to get home to her family. Unfortunately she can’t find her glasses anywhere. She thinks she must know the way home by now. So she sets off, she enthusiastically pops up is various different homes, including Antarctica! Will she find her way home? Where are her glasses? She won’t lose them again, would she?


The illustrations are fantastic and add to the story perfectly! The book is great for a wide age range and even a few little added humorous details to make the adults smile as well as the kids!

If I was still teaching I would defiantly use this book, as it has a great structure for retelling and it even has a story map illustration. The children could use the structure to create their own story. Also it would be a great story if the children were learning about habitat too.

Love love love this story! Highly recommend!

Happy reading xx

PS. I need to check out “Alan’s big, scary teeth” which is also written by Jarvis! x


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