Unicorn fans?? “Thelma the unicorn” by Aaron Blabey

“Thelma the unicorn” by Aaron Blabey is a great unicorn story with a great message about accepting who we are.


This story is about Thelma, a horse who wished she was a unicorn. Thelma’s best friend Otis, likes Thelma just the way she is but Thelma just isn’t happy. One day Thelma notices a carrot on the ground and decides to make her own horn and just say she is a unicorn! Then a truck accidently covers her in pink paint and glitter……. was she now actually a unicorn? Thelma quickly becomes famous, she feels all her dreams have some true……or did they? Fame starts to become tricky, so she decides to return to see her friend Otis. She soon realises maybe it is fun being who we are!


This is a great simple rhyming book which unicorn fans will particularly love. As well as the subject matter the humour of the story and illustrations really engages the reader. Perfect book to share with children and discuss the important message of loving who we are.

Highly recommended!

Happy reading xx


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