What did we read, create and love in June?

Hello everyone, I hope you had a good June. Here is my monthly post where I look back at the month and share some of the things we have been reading, creating and loving!

A quick note before I get started is just to say this month marks my second anniversary of blogging! I really love this space I have created to share my love of picture books and creative ideas. I really want to thank you the readers for visiting my blog and supporting me on social media, I am truly grateful!


In June, Tom and I read together “Boy”, it was a really interesting read for both of us. Lots of discussions about things like boarding school, the cane and medical procedures with anaesthetic!!!

2017-06-11 17.17.02

I read “The girls” by Emma Cline – I found it a tragic story about how vulnerable teenagers are and the choices they make can affect them throughout their lives. I also read “The shock of the fall” by Nathan filer which is about a family dealing with grief and mental illness, it has a beautiful ending.

Together we have loved reading “The thing” by Simon Puttock and “The journey” by Francesca Sanna. Both fantastic books click on links to find out more.


This month we made these lolly-pop stick weaving looms which we love!

2017-06-19 16.03.20-2

We also made book marks for our Daddy’s using some of our artwork.


As a national and particularly for London June has been full of great tragedy. I continue to pray for all these effected by the terrorist attacks and those effected by the fire at Grenfall tower.

I always write this list of smiles not to forget the bigger things but to remember even during the worst of times, HOPEFULLY we can all find some smiles……….

These are the little things I have loved and smiled about this month:

All about Daddy! This month is Mr Lee’s birthday and Father’s day so we do a lot of celebrating…. and breakfasts in bed!

Big niece love! I got to visit my beautiful nieces and also one of my nieces came to stay as she has just finished her GCSE’s – so proud of her! While she stayed we spent a lovely slow day wondering around London, taking photos and eating yummy food.

My sister being very brave and having cochlear implants- very proud!

A sneaky date in the day with Mr Lee.

My very fabulous friend getting the keys to her very own flat!!! So proud!

This month, I got to try some new places that I had wanted to go to for ages including Electric cinema in Notting Hill, Albion café, The green café (local Vietnamese restaurant) – all fab places!

Wow, that is a lot to be proud about this month and to be honest there has been a lot of smiles so just going to add a few more: visiting the tower of London, second BBQ of the year, local festival in the park, sunshine, cupcake in Primrose bakery and having our bedroom decorated.

Thanks for reading, hope you had a good June, I’d love to know what you have been reading, creating and loving, you can use the hashtag #readcreatelove to let me know!  Happy July everyone xxx

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