“The new small person” by Lauren Child

Lauren Child has just be made Children’s laureate, so well deserved! We love her books and “The new small person” is no exception, what a sweet true to life story which a lot of children will be able to relate to when a new sibling arrives.


The book is about a boy called “Elemore Green” he enjoys being an only child – he is able to watch his favourite cartoons, line toys up with them being moved and have all the jelly beans. However one day everything changed, a new arrival! Unfortunately the new arrival enjoys knocking over Elemore’s toys and everyone said Elemore couldn’t get cross because the small person was only small. Elemore couldn’t understand why the small person couldn’t go back to where he came from. As the small person got bigger, things got worse, he even moves into his bedroom! However one night Elemore had a bad dream, which is the start of him realising that maybe having a little brother wasn’t so bad after all!


Such a great story told from a child perspective, with simple humour the children love. The illustrations are wonderful so expressive, simple and colourful. Perfect book to read around the time a new sibling is expected or if a child is struggling with a sibling rivalry.

Great read, highly recommended!

Happy reading x


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