“The Thing” by Simon Puttock

At the weekend I read “The Thing” by Simon Puttock and Daniel Egneus a great clever picture book that will make you think!


One day “a thing” falls from the sky, four animal friends discover it. The animals start to wonder…. What it is? What does it do? Why it was there? Who does it belong to? The animals decide to look after it and soon other people come asking similar questions. News of “the thing” spreads across the world and everyone is asking those same questions. But one day just as it came it went……. Will everything go back to it was before “the thing”?


This open ended story will appeal to wide range of readers. This book is essentially about friendship, compassion, kindness and belonging and could definitely be used to extend children’s thinking and talk about the bigger questions in life. The illustrations are beautiful in a stunning pale palette of colours.

Wonderful thoughtful picture book, highly recommend!

Happy reading x


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