Dog picture books!

We were recently sent a couple of dog themed books which we have been enjoying and it has inspired us to share some of our favourite doggy picture books!

dog books

“Dog on wheels” by Gillian McClure This book is about a dog called “Dubbin” who enjoys travelling on his skateboard. He takes his friend Todd and Todd’s bone for a walk. Dubbin can go super-fast on his wheels but Todd can’t keep up and keeps dropping his bone. Todd soon gets fed up so they decide to bury the bone until they come back, however on their return the bone is gone and Todd is very upset. Has someone been following them? Can Dubbin on his wheels find the bone? Can Dubbin get away from the big dog? Can Dubbin on his wheels save the day?

The children really enjoyed the book, they notice different things about the story each time they read it! As the characters go on their journey the book uses repeated language which children really enjoy joining in with. Also the story contains lots of positional language so the book could be used as good tool for teaching this language to young children.


“Oi dog!” by Kes Gray, we absolutely loved “Oi, frog!” and this follow up book is just perfect! Find out more on my post.

“What I think about when I think about……… running” by Eleanor Levenson and Katie O’Hagan As soon as I showed this book to the children, they found the title very funny! It is a simple book about what a dog might think about when they are running, things such as cats, being a puppy and balls. The last page really made them laugh out loud!

I think this book could be used to discuss the emotions we feel when thinking about different things and events. The children really enjoyed this book and it would be great if you have a family dog!

“Dogs don’t do ballet” by Anna Kemp This book is about a girl who owns a dog but her dog doesn’t do the normal things dog do, instead he thinks he is a ballerina! The girl tries to persuade her dad to let the dog come to her ballet class but her Dad says “Dogs don’t do ballet”, however the dog sneaks into her ballet class but the teacher says “Dogs don’t do ballet!” But will her dog finally get to show off his skills? Can dogs actually do ballet? A wonderful picture books for dog fans and ballet fans alike!


“Some dogs do” by Jez Alborough This is a story about a dog called Sid who when he feels happy he can fly! Unfortunately none of his friends or teachers at school believe him, so he feels very upset. Will he ever be able to fly again? Will his friends ever believe him? A great fun story!

Reading these dog picture books inspired us to get creative. Look at these dog collage made with vintage paper!

2017-06-16 14.44.52

What is your favourite doggy picture book?

Happy reading xxx

Thank you Andrea Reece at troika books for sending me “Dog on wheels” by Gillian McClure and “What I think about when I think about……… running” by Eleanor Levenson and Katie O’Hagan. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest- all thoughts are my own.



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