Blowing watercolours!

Super simple idea but always lots of fun and it always creates unique pieces of art!

2017-06-06 16.04.18.jpg

Need: Watercolour paper, paint (we used liquid watercolours, but you could use block water colours watered down or watered down normal paint), paint brush or pipet, a drinking straw and a lot of puff!

The children used the pipets to put drops of paint on their paper. They did it with several different colours then they blew through the straw to move the paint over the paper. They can add more paint if so desired!

2017-06-07 14.25.43 (2)

The children loved the process and the way the paints mixed together to create new colours. I think they look stunning!

Happy creating! xx

Check out this post for more watercolour ideas!

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