An important book “The journey”

Today I read the book “The journey” by Francesca Sanna for the first time, what an amazing important book to share with our children! It is a book I will not forget!


“The journey” tells the story of a family that make that awful decision to flee their home to escape the danger and chaos of war. The book starts with easy simple family life but as war hits life goes from bad to worse, they embark on a journey in hope of a better life.  The journey includes travelling at night to avoid being seen and paying to pass through borders. However the journey finally leads them to safety ………refuge.


This is a heart-breaking story, though full of fear the family always hold on to the hope of a better place to live. The illustrations are bright and vivid and really capture the emotions of each page.

Children have often heard the word “refugee” through the news, this book is a perfect introduction to help explain what it means and what it might be like. I think this book could provoke a lot of great discussion, I recommend this book to everyone and a must have for every school!

Beautiful book for the time we are living in, highly recommended!

Happy reading!


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