Supertato to the rescue!

Sue Hendra is one of our favourite authors, when Tom was little I remember reading “Barry the fish with fingers” over and over again to him! Also “Norman, the slug with the silly shell” is one of my top ten pictures books. More recently Tom has really enjoyed the “Supertato” series of books.

The first “Supertato” book begins by explaining some vegetables are frozen for a very good reason. The evil pea has escaped from the freezer and is causing trouble for the other vegetables. However Supertato is there to rescue the vegetables, but will we see the end of Supertato?

The second book “Supertato: veggies assemble” starts with the evil pea looking for trouble once again! The evil pea switches off the freezer and wakes up all the other peas in the supermarket so there are evil peas everywhere! The other vegetables quickly find themselves in trouble. Will Supertato come and save the day again? Or does he need a little help from some Superveggies?

In “Supertato: run, veggies, run!” Supertato is trying to keep the vegetables in the supermarket fit and healthy….as we have never heard of an unhealthy vegetable! Supertato has the idea of having a sports day! Having heard there will be prizes the evil pea turns up with a suspicious looking watermelon. Will the watermelon win all the prizes? Will Supertato suspicions be correct? Will he be able to act quick enough to save the day?


The original “Supertato” is by far our favourite of the three books but all the books are great fun, especially if you know a superhero fan! The books are full of humour and the illustrations are perfect and the children love to spend time looking at each page.

I think this book would be a great book/series of books to use in schools to engage children in literacy. The children could retell the story, write alternative ending, design their own superveggie and make up their own adventure for Supertato……. so much learning!

After reading these books you just have to get potato printing…..right!!!??!! With the younger children I simply encourage them to make prints, the older children used their prints to design their own potato superheroes. For some more potato printing ideas check out my previous post on fruit and vegetable printing.

2017-05-23 13.54.36 (2)

Happy reading and creating! xx


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