“What the ladybird heard….”

We are great fans of Julia Donaldson and one of our favourites that she is has written is “What the ladybird heard”. Julia has gone on to write “What the ladybird heard NEXT” and soon to be released “What the ladybird heard on holiday”. Each book focuses on the main character the ladybird as well as the other farm animals. The character of the ladybird doesn’t say a word unless she really has to but she is always watching and coming to up with cunning plans to save the day!

In the “What the ladybird heard” the ladybird over hears two thieves planning to steal the fine prize cow, they plan their route to the cow using a map of the farm. The ladybird tells the other animals and suggests a very cunning plan to trick the thieves. Will they steal the cow or will the ladybirds plan trick the thieves?

In the “What the ladybird heard NEXT” the fat red hen realises her eggs are going missing. The ladybird decides to find out what is going on. She discover the thieves are back and they planning to steal hen this time. The ladybird tells the farm animals but the she has another cunning plan to trick the thieves. Will the hen be safe? Will the farmer find out what is happening in his farm?


Both these books are beautifully illustrated by Lydia Monks and the children love the glitter details, particularly when they follow the trail of the ladybird.

When I was still teaching I used “What the ladybird heard” with my class, it is a great book for storytelling and making maps.

I look forward to reading “What the ladybird heard on holiday” soon.


Happy reading xx


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