Fizzy printing!

Science and art go so well together! We have been exploring bio carbonate of soda and vinegar, we added some colour for extra fun and loved the results!

2017-05-18 07.44.09-2.jpg

Here is how we made some fizzy prints:  

Need: bio carbonate of soda, white vinegar, liquid watercolours or food colouring, tray (I used a baking tray), paper, pipets.

2017-05-17 14.56.26.jpg

I put a layer of bio carbonate of soda over a baking tray, then invited the children to put drops of different colours over the powder. Next the children used a pipet to put white vinegar onto the colours. The children loved to see the reaction…. fizzing colours! When the children had enjoyed exploring, we placed paper over the tray and rubbed it before peeling back the paper to reveal the print! When the paper is dry brush away excess powder.

 2017-05-18 07.45.56 (3).jpg

Don’t they look beautiful!?!?!?

Happy creative exploring everyone! xx

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