Yucky worms!!!??!!

Yucky worms by Vivian French is a great book for those children who are unsure of worms and equally great for those children that will happily pick them up!


The story starts one day when a little boy is in the garden with his Gran. Gran digs up a worm, the boy says “Yuck, throw it away!” Gran explains that worms are her friends and how they help her in the garden. The book teaches lots about worms including the body parts of a worm, what they eat, about worm poo and worm predators.

The book is written in a story style though it is full of information, I certainly learnt a lot! The book can be enjoyed with a wide age range of children – younger children can be read the main part of the story and older children can look at the more detailed facts about worms.


The illustrations are beautiful simple drawings which add to the gentle nature of the book. This book would be great to share in a school while learning about “Minibeasts”. At the back it has some useful information about being a “Wormologist” and an index too.

Another great worm book is “Superworm” by Julia Donaldson, click here to find out more information and some worm related craft ideas.

Do you know any other worm themed picture books?

Happy reading x



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