“My stinky new school” by Rebecca Elliott

Today we were in the library and we spotted this great book “My stinky new school” by Rebecca Elliott, it is a great book to share with children who are transitioning into a new school. It talks about the anxieties that a child may have on their first day at school.


The story begins by Toby telling us his brother goes to Nursery and his sister goes to special school both these places smell of fun sweet things and they love it! However Toby is starting his new school, he is not looking forward to it…….his school stinks!  On his first day of school he explores with aliens, sails the seven seas with pirate and hunts for dinosaurs, but has he made any friends? Does school still stink?


This book is a fun book that could be used to talk about feeling when we are doing something new for the first time. The story is cleverly written especially how it links smells places have that evoke an emotion, good or bad! The mixed media illustrations are perfect, vibrant and engaging too.

This is a wonderful book to help support a child when they are joining a new school, highly recommend!

Happy reading x


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