Favourite animals artwork! (Process art)

Look at these beautiful animal pieces of art work!

There is quite a process to produce these picture but the children were excited about every stage.

2017-05-03 16.01.27

Need: paper, newspaper, glue, paint (we did some with ready mix poster paint and some with liquid watercolour), picture of animals, grey paint, blue tac, black chalk pastel.

First the children stuck small pieces of newspaper over their paper.

When it was dry they chose the type of paint they wanted to use to cover the newspaper – so we had some in watercolours and some in ready mix paint.

2017-05-02 15.42.55 (2)

I printed out outlines of their favourite animals and cut them out. When the paint was dry, I stuck the animal on the paper using blue tac so the children could paint the paper again with grey paint. We peeled off the animal shape to reveal a silhouette.

2017-05-03 15.35.55 (2)

Finally when the grey paint was dry, the children used a black chalk pastel to go around the edge of the animal and add details.

2017-05-04 13.19.52 (2)2017-05-04 13.20.08 (2)

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3 Responses to Favourite animals artwork! (Process art)

  1. Very cute, going to borrow this idea for my next arts and crafts class, thank you for sharing😊


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