Walter’s wonderful web!

Today we spotted “Walter’s wonderful web” by Tim Hopgood at the library. It is a lovely book which introduces 2D shapes in a simple fun way.


Walter the spider was finding it hard to make the perfect web, the wind kept blowing his attempts away. He decides to go back to basics and build simple shaped webs- triangle, square, rectangle, circle and diamond but still they blew away! Walter was upset and frustrated but he was determined for one last try so he works all night to create a WONDERFUL web.


What a great book to talk about shape!  The final web is a great discuss point, how many shapes can we find? If I was teaching I would definitely use it as a recourse for teaching shape. At the back of the book there are pictures of the basic shapes and some key questions that can be used to support shape understanding. It is also a great book to talk about our emotions and about trying and not giving up even when things are difficult for us.

Tim Hopgood’s illustrations are unique and full colour. I have also read “Tip-tap went the crab” also by Tim Hopgood – which combines a lovely story with counting and numeral recognition.

I highly recommend this great shape picture book!

Happy reading x

For another fabulous spidery picture book check out my blog post about “Aaaarrgghh, Spider” by Lydia Monks, it also has some spidery craft ideas. Also “Spinderella” by Julia Donaldson is a great spidery counting book!



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