What did we read, create and love in April?

Hello everyone, I hope you had a good April. Here is my monthly post where I look back at the month and share some of the things we have been reading, creating and loving!

Thank you once again for reading my blog!


I’ve been reading quite a bit over the Easter break. I really enjoyed “I am travelling alone” by Samuel Bjork. I don’t often read crime thrillers but it was a great and scary read! I also read “A boy made of blocks” by Keith Stuart which was a lovely read about a family with an autistic son and how a father learn to connect with his son.

This month Tom and I have been reading some classics together! We first read “Sheep pig” by Dick King-Smith which we both really enjoyed – we are going to try and find the movie to watch soon. Then we read “The Enchanted wood” by Enid Blyton, which Tom loved and I can see why! Wow what an imaginations Enid Blyton had, “The land of birthdays” everyone small child’s dream!


This month, we did a lot of Easter themed crafts, we also made rainy day pictures!


Every month things happen that do not make me smile, but I still write this list because I know despite the rubbish there is so much to be grateful for!

These are the little things I have loved and smiled about this month:

I really enjoyed visiting new places over the holidays with the children. We went to Hampton court palace which has an amazing outside play area called “The magic garden”. I took Tom to the “National Army Museum” which was also great. The museum has been recently refurbished and is very interactive. We did a free robotic Easter activity which was a lot of fun and we also went into the “play base”.

We had our first glamping experience and it was so much fun! So great to spend lots of time outside, Tom made new friends and we roasted marshmallows! We are hoping to glamp again in the summer.

I don’t know if it is just me but since having Tom, Mr Lee working late in the evenings and working as a childminder I feel socially I can’t be spontaneous and I miss it. However this month a couple of time we spontaneously spent time with friends, it was so lovely!

A few extra smiles……going to the beach lots, my mum’s roast dinner, visiting the baby lambs, night out with Mr Lee, another successful art workshop, takeaway with friends, pj day and our first BBQ!

Thanks for reading, hope you had a good April, I’d love to know what you have been reading, creating and loving, you can use the hashtag #readcreatelove to let me know!  Happy May everyone xxx


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