“The Koala who could” by Rachel Bright and Jim Field

51uaQFPKuGL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_“The Koala who could” by Rachel Bright and Jim Field is a story set in the Australian outback where animals run wild and free. However a koala called Kevin always clung to a tree, as below him on the ground, it seemed like a frightening place. Kevin preferred not to move or change or to try new things. When animals came to ask him to play, he would say he was happy to cling, life “down there” seemed far too risky. Kevin started to wonder if he was missing out but he just couldn’t let go. One day he hears a worrying sound, which might just mean he finds out what life “down there” is really like!


A wonderful book about realising what is the worse that could happen in life! It is a really useful book to talk about fears and anxieties with young children. The book is written in rhyming verse. The illustrations are vibrant, I love how all the emotions of the animals are depicted.

We also love Rachel Bright and Jim Field’s book the “The lion inside”. We are real fans of Jim Fields books especially “Oi frog”!  Check out our book share on these books too “The lion inside” and “Oi frog”.

“The Koala who could” is a great classic picture book, highly recommend!


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