Read, create and love in April!

Here is my regular post that looks ahead at the month and suggests things you could read, create and love with your children. These things will focus on celebrating the season and special events in that month. Lots of Easter and Spring fun this month!



Books about Easter egg hunts:

“We’re going on an Egg hunt” by Laine Mitchell and Louis Shea.

“The best Easter egg hunt ever” by Dawn Casey

“Mr. Impossible and the Easter Egg hunt” by Roger Hargreaves.

For more information on these Easter books check out my post here!

Spring books

There are lots of lovely season books, check out my post about favourites.


Lots of Easter themed crafts!

I have added a couple of new ideas to my Easter craft post from last year.


  • Enjoy nature whatever the weather! Dance in the blossom…….. make blossom “perfume”! ……..Put your wellies on and enjoy splashing in the puddles! …….. Hunt for bluebells!
  • Go on an Easter egg hunt! Look into organised egg hunts, National Trust have great events. However it is fun to do them at home too! One year I set up a treasure hunt in the house and garden with clues for Tom to follow to find an Easter gift. He loved it!
  • Cheer along Head for the river on the 2nd April and watch the Oxford and Cambridge boat race, alternatively you could head for Spitalfields farm and cheer on the goats! Head into London on 23rd April – it is always great fun cheering on all the London Marathon runners! The children love seeing the different costumes too.
  • Spring Clean Get the children involved cleaning their room…..Tom finds it very hard to let go of anything, maybe encourage children to choose 3 things they could pass on for someone else to play with….. worth a try!
  • Celebrate St George’s day Go traditional eat English food for the day! Head to nearest city and enjoy their celebrations. Feast of St George in Trafalgar Square is on the 23rd April!
  • Time to get planting We always try to plant vegetable with variable success but hey the children love planting especially getting muddy!
  • Visit a farm Wonderful time to visit a farm and see all the baby animals. Our favourite farm is “Godstone farm”!

Well I hope you found this post useful! If you have got suggestions of things we should be doing in April let me know! Happy April everyone! xx


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