“Peely Wally” a lovely simple Spring book for younger readers!

“Peely Wally” by Kali Stileman is a lovely simple book for younger children to read at this time of the year with a decorated egg and a bird hatching out of it, perfect for Spring!


The story is about a small bird “Peely Wally” who lives in the tall trees of the jungle. One day Peely Wally lays an egg which is perfect but in the excitement Peely Wally wobbles the tree and the egg begins to roll away. The egg starts an adventure through the jungle until it is finally back safe just in time to hatch!

This book is lovely and interactive for 2-3 year old children. When the egg goes on the adventure there is a dotted line which the children can follow through the book meeting different jungle animals on the way. There are lots of different animals to talk about and a butterfly to find on every page.



The illustration are vibrant and are done in a creative style with splats of paint and collage. They inspired me to do some very simple art with a 2 year old I look after. Firstly we turned her wonderful painting into a creature which she said was an owl! Then I prepared some cardboard eggs and wrapped them in foil ready to be decorated. We used sharpies on the foil but remember protective clothing if using permanent pens.

What are your favourite books to read at this time of year to the little ones?

Happy reading xx


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