Thoughtful living: Spring list of things to do!

Spring is officially here!

2017-03-20 09.31.21

As you know I totally love a list! I have started writing seasonal lists of things we hope to do during different parts of the year. My summer lists are full of day trips and things to do during the school holidays. However during other seasons this is not realistic due to the busyness of term time, so I create a more general list – often little things I hope we will do as a family.

Here is the list I came up with:

  • Fly a kite! We did this on the beach!
  • Go bluebell hunting We found loads of beautiful bluebells at Beckenham place park!
  • Get planting in the garden – flowers and vegetables. We have planted some vegetable plants including butternut squash and super snap peas.
  • Visit the beach. We visited lots of beautiful beaches over the Easter holidays!
  • Finish decorating Tom’s room and start working on our bedroom. Tom’s room has been decorated, just needs a new bed! Our room is booked to be decorated in June.
  • Go to the woods often. We have visited Oxlea woods.
  • Go glamping – very excited about this one, I have wanted to do this for ages. At Easter we have booked a couple of nights in Sussex. We had fab time and looking forward to glamping again in the summer!
  • Go on a Easter egg hunt. We didn’t go on an organised egg hunt this year but we had one in the garden and my parents organised one in their house for Tom which he loved!
  • Go to the farm to see some baby animals. We visited Coombes farm, Tom saw a lamb being born and bottle fed one of the lambs too.
  • Enjoy lots of Spring flowers around our home. We have enjoyed lots of daffodils and tulips around the flat.
  • Try some new fish recipes. I tried a lovely recipe with haddock, chorizo and leeks, so far…….

Do you write a seasonal lists? What are you hoping to do this Spring?

Happy spring everyone! xxx

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