Thoughtful living: Cooking for children!

Do you ever look at recipes or a menu on the internet which is meant to be for all the family and just think I wish my child would eat that! Monday to Thursday I generally feed six children and after 3 years I have developed a 4 week cycle of food which seems to work for us. My menu is far from perfect but I thought I’d share my menu because if you are anything like me you are always looking for new ideas.

2017-03-20 09.32.16 (2).jpg

 Menu 1

Pasta (pesto or homemade tomato and vegetable sauce) and garlic bread

Fish fingers wraps, potato wedges and beans.

Homemade sausage casserole with rice

Sweet and sour chicken with rice or noodles


Menu 2

Jacket potato with beans and cheese or tuna and sweetcorn

Chicken korma with rice and naan

Pasta carbonara

Sausages in pitta with potato wedges beans or cucumber and tomato.


Menu 3

Homemade sausage pasta bake

Tuna sweetcorn with rice

Homemade pasta Bolognese

Chicken with potato, sweetcorn and gravy


Menu 4

Meatballs in homemade tomato and vegetable sauce with pasta

Pizza and garlic bread

Homemade chilli and rice

Sausage, potatoes with sweetcorn and gravy. 


I have gradually moved away from pre bought sauces and I would like to continue to have a go at cooking more from scratch.

What are your favourite family recipes? What would you add to my menu? Would your child eat this menu?

Happy cooking! x

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