Another classic picture book by Rob Biddulph “Sunk!”

Last week we were very excited to hear we had won a competition, we won a copy of “Sunk!” by Rob Biddulph and a pirate hat! When it arrived we straightaway sat down to read the book, Tom was particularly keen as he is a big penguin fan!

2017-03-10 14.01.04 (2).jpg

The story of “Sunk!” is a new adventure for the character Penguin Blue which we met in Rob Biddulph’s first book “Blown away”. The story of “Sunk!” starts with Penguin Blue being given a pirate costume, which sets him and his friends on an adventure to find treasure! However…. disaster strikes their boat and they end up falling to the bottom of the ocean where they discover a sunken wreck! Back on shore they find the ship wrecked Captain stranded on a desert island. They quickly realise they are stranded too but Penguin blue comes up with an amazing plan to rescue them and the sunken ship. The story ends with a wonderful new use for the boat which is “worth much more than gold”.  


What a wonderful classic picture book! The pictures are full of vibrant colours which we have come to expect from a Rob Biddulph book! The illustrations and wording are cleverly put together on the page to engage children. The book is written in lovely rhyme which always makes books a pleasure to read aloud.

This book of course can be simply read and enjoyed, but I can’t help viewing it as a teacher! I think this book is fantastic book that could lead to lots of discussion to support young children’s literacy and imaginative skills: What do you think will happen next? How do you think they will get home? How do you think the ship sunk? What else could they have used the ship for? What would you do first in the pirate’s playground? What is the best “treasure” you could find?

Tom loved this book, he particularly loved the ending. He spends ages looking at the pirate playground, imagining the fun he could have there! Rob Biddulph has quickly become one of our favourite picture book author of the moment, we just love “Odd dog out” too!

Happy reading everyone! xx



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