“Spinderella” a counting book by Julia Donaldson


“Spinderella” is a story about a young spider called “Spinderella” who lives in a school with her family. Spinderella is passionate about football. Spinderella wants to count so she can know how many flies they are eating and more importantly so she can count football goals! She asks her family to help but they are uninterested and just say “Lots” or “loads”, but suddenly her Hairy Godmother appears and leads her to a classroom where the children are learning how to count. Spinderella quickly learns how to count! She puts it to good use and teaches her family the importance of number.


This is a great picture book and particularly good because it supports numbers and counting. I like the fact that it talks about the importance of counting and applies it to football which will engage lots of children. The book gives children the opportunity to count up to 20 and also divide numbers into two groups/teams. Also the children could be used to discuss different emotions.

Another great Julia Donaldson book!

Happy reading! x

“Aaaarrgghh spider!” is another wonderful spider book, check out my book share and spidery activities!


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