Ideas for your Spring Happy little season box!

Are you considering buying a “Happy little season box”? Or have you bought a box?

Thinking of buying a spring happy little season box? This post gives you sneak preview of what you can expect and what your child might do using elements of the box.

spring box collage

If you have already bought one, thank you! I hope you are enjoying the box. The boxes are designed to be open-ended so that your child can use them in any way their imagination leads, but if you are needing a little inspiration to get you started, here are a few ideas:


You could use it as a Spring nature journal- recording signs of Spring! This could be done by drawings, writing, photos, leaf rubbing, bark rubbing, stick in leaves, pedals and flowers.

2017-03-09 12.36.51 (2).jpg

What about giving the notepad  as an unique gift? Check out some ideas of how to personalise the notepad.

Envelope and sticky back plastic

Take the envelope outside into the garden or park and collect some Spring treasures. When you are home peel back half of the sticky back plastic and place the treasures from the Spring envelope onto it. Once complete peel the other half of the plastic and press down on top. You could add a handle by using one of your pipe cleaners and some beads. Finally enjoy your Spring sun catcher by handing it in a window!

Spring Magnet kit

The spring wooden shape can simply be decorated using felt-tip pens. However we do love this method of decorating wooden shapes which uses paint and glue, click here to find out more.

Don’t forget to plant your vegetable seeds in a sunny spot!

If you would like more ideas or advice feel free to contact me x

P.S Click here to buy your Happy little season box xx

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