Chapter books!

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I wrote a post just over a year ago about reading with children as they get older and about my awareness of supporting Tom to continue his love of reading. I wrote that post when we were first exploring simple chapter books. I talked about how conscience I was and still am about the next step in reading for two reasons, firstly because as a child I struggled reading and never read those classic books that other children did, I feel I didn’t have a love of reading as a child and I missed out. Secondly, as a teacher I taught early years so I developed a good knowledge of picture books but not the next step in children’s books.

Tom still enjoys some picture books but there has been a definite shift to chapter books. We began our journey into chapter books with “Horrid Henry” and quickly moved onto Roald Dahl. Sharing Roald Dahl books together has been wonderful, it was my first time reading many of them. Tom’s favourite was “Charlie and the chocolate factory” but I fell in love with “BFG”.

A friend introduced Tom to the “Mr Gum” books by Andy Stanton. These are great books with short chapters and illustrations to enjoy. These books are very humourous and often make Tom laugh out loud!

This Christmas we went meet Father Christmas in Narnia so before our visit I was keen to read “The Lion, witch and the wardrobe” with Tom. I was really unsure if he would like it. However he really enjoyed and understood the story. I was really pleased as I loved this story as a child from the BBC adaption of it.

Tom and I love Paddington so we have been reading a couple of the chapter books. Tom has loved the stories and cute illustrations.

Flat Stanley is a book I kept from my childhood and we read together- it was lovely to read it with Tom and brought back lots of memories.

I was keen to see what Tom thought about Enid Blyton books. When we were having a look in the book shop we found Secret seven short stories and we thought these would be great introduction into the secret seven books. Tom has enjoyed these book though they are a little too easy for him now, he is keen to read them all before moving on.

One of our favourite picture books is “The pirate next door” by Jonny Duddle and he has also written some chapter books with the same characters. We read “The Jolley-Rogers and the cave of Doom” Tom enjoyed the story though he found the witches a little scary.

We have just started reading “Gangsta Granny” which is our first chapter book by David Walliams. Immediately both Tom and I enjoyed the story, Tom wanted to read on, on his own to find out what would happen next!

Tom loves non-fiction books too. Usborne books do young readers books, chapter books about real events in history which are perfect for Tom. He has the book about the fire of London and the one about Titanic.

We started to read together “Alice in wonderland” but Tom wasn’t keen on it. We also started a Ted Gate’s book and “Horrible histories” but we found they were a little advanced for Tom so will try them again next year.

On our list of chapter books to read next- we have “Diary of a wimpy kid” and “Iron man”. I remember being read “Iron man” by Ted Hughes at school and enjoying it though I have forgotten the story now, so I look forward to revisiting the story with Tom.

We are so blessed to live in a time where there is such a wealth of quality children’s books!

Which books do you recommend I read with Tom? What is your favourite chapter book? xx


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