Wonderful picture book “The Lumberjack’s beard”

I recently saw “The Lumberjack’s beard” by Duncan Beedie in the book shop, when I picked it up and started to read, I immediately fell in love with this book! What a beautiful story which will definitely make you smile!


“The Lumberjack’s beard” is a about a Lumberjack called Jim Hickory who everyday goes into the forest to cut down trees, he doesn’t realise he is also cutting down some forest animals homes until the animals come knocking at his door! Jim finds a solution to rehome them in his beard. However, the animals help him to discover a change he can make with wonderful wider consequences!


This book is a wonderful heart-warming funny book which children love! I love the fact that it raises an environmental issue- the effect of deforestation on our wildlife, in such a simple way and comes up with a positive solution. This book could be used both at home and in schools to introduce this environmental issue.

The illustrations are amazing pieces of art and really engage the children. We also love Duncan Beedie other book “The bear who stared” to read our book share click here.


I highly recommend this book and look forward to seeing what Duncan Beedie comes up with next!

Happy reading x


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