What did we read, create and love in February?

Hello everyone, I hope you had a good February. Here is my monthly post where I look back at the month and share some of the things we have been reading, creating and loving!

Thank you once again for reading my blog!


2017-02-24 09.36.15 (2).jpg

We have been loving “Odd dog out” by Rob Biddulph. Check out this post about more about this book.

At bedtime Tom and I have been reading “What’s for dinner, Mr Gum?” and “Mr Gum and the dancing bear”. Tom loves this series of books, they really make him laugh out loud!

This month I read “Shtum” by Jem Lester, it is an honest story about a parents fight to get their autistic child the best care and support possible. It is a truthful story about some of the challenges parents may face based on the authors own experiences. The subject matter does make me sad- every child should have the right to be supported to meet their full potential!


We made these beautiful colourful valentine’s cards and our own version of jammy dodgers!

We have been revisiting some of our favourite printing techniques (with things we already have at home!)

Also on the blog I shared some tips on getting creative with children at home.


These are the little things I have loved and smiled about this month:

This month I was given really lovely gifts ………. it hasn’t been my birthday ……… but a friend saw a need and bought me a gift………….someone else wanted to say thank you……… a valentine’s gift …….and someone else just saw something and thought of me………. How blessed I felt with each gift!

It has been so wonderful to start to feel the warmth of the Spring sun! It has made me smile to see shoots of new life coming up through the soil……. We have spotted snow drops, crocuses and daffodils already!

School holidays are lovely……….no school run………… lots of park fun………a “Thomas and Mummy” day………..time with friends………trip to Horniman’s to the new exhibition “Robot Zoo”………loads of smiles!

During half term we spent lots of time in parks with various combinations of children. I love just watching them play, what rich imagination they have! Often their play is inspired by what they find in the park……… When we were in one park the children spotted a little hut and so a game began……..who was it the hut?……… a dinosaur? a witch? ………Another time they made trees in Greenwich park into castles…..with tree root thrones and tree branches as weapons against the baddies! It is all a bit famous five ish! Smile!

Ever since Tom has started full-time school, when I pick him up at the end of the day he greets me with a shout of “Mum” and a hug (well I say hug it is more like he just runs at me). When he first started doing it I couldn’t help but smile but I was quite embarrassed and told him not to shout, I wanted to fade into the background rather than Tom announcing I was there! Over time I just got used to it……….. and now actually it is lovely, we are both happy to see each  other and I doubt he will be doing it when he is in year 6 so I am going to embrace while it lasts!

Thanks for reading, hope you had a good February, I’d love to know what you have been reading, creating and loving, you can use the hashtag #readcreatelove to let me know!

Happy March everyone xxx

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