Tips for getting creative with children at home!

Doing art with children at home……. too messy?……..too much hassle? Here are some of my tips on making getting creative at home……… easier!

tip-1Store paint in glass jars- this saves the hassle of washing up paint pots, the children use what they need and you can just put the lid back on for next time. It also saves hassle of pouring out paint every time you want to use it. Some people worry about glass I have never had one break and it is less likely to fall because on its weight compared to a plastic paint pot.

tip-2Do art on a tray- this is a great way to contain mess. Buy a cheap tray and do your creative activity on the tray, so when you are finished the mess is just on the tray and can be cleaned easily. We have Ikea trays.

tip-3-edoTape around picture- Putting masking tape around a piece of paper is great for securing art (therefore less mess) and also it gives that the piece of art a lovely finished boarder to frame the work.

tip-4Have basic resources- there is so much art you can do with very little resources, but you need some key items. If you have those basic bits in place then it make getting creative much less hassle.

Very basics for me are- paper (printer paper and watercolour paper), felt tip pens, pencils, scissors, glue, paint (ready mix and block watercolours), masking tape, trays, cardboard (from old boxes).

tip-5Find a way of storing art resources that works for you- I have been working on this one for quite some time and I really think you need to find a way that works for you and space you have. At the moment I have an IKEA raskog trolley that holds resources for the children to get themselves e.g. pens, tape, glue…. I then keep a lot of other bits in clear jars or boxes. When you find and invest in a storage method for your family it really takes hassle out of getting creative.

tip-6Celebrate your child’s creativity by hanging their art up ………whether it is on the fridge, in a frame or on washing line type wire…… your child will be so proud…….. it will help them to know they are loved, values and belong!

What are your top art tips? How do you store your creative resources? What are your key resources?

Happy creating! xx


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