Thoughtful living: reducing waste!

At the beginning of the year it feels like a natural time to review life and the way I live. If you have read my blog for a while I have spoken about my quest to live more thoughtfully, to me this means intentionally considering life carefully and not to let life pass me by. Enjoy the moment and appreciate all the blessings we have! Sometimes this may mean less planning ahead and other times it may mean more forward thinking and aiming for certain things.

Last year I wrote a post about some of the ways I am actively trying to do this. One of the ways I mentioned that I would like to do this is intentionally reduce the amount of waste we as a family produce. Last year I read “Zero waste home” by Bea Johnson it was made really think about the things we bring into the home. The author encourages -refusing things we do not need, reduce what we have and recycle where possible.

I am going to make it is clear straight away that I am not going zero waste or becoming a minimalist. However I really want to take a down to earth look at this area of my life and our home.

Writing a blog inspires me to live better. It stops me from just thinking about things it actually inspires me to get on and do things!

I am now going to list some of the things I did last year to start my journey of reducing waste, and it is really a journey. I have made some really small steps but hey you have to start somewhere.

  • I am recycling more and nagged my husband to go the same. The biggest way I have done this is in the kitchen and I have noticed our general waste is less. I have got the children involved too by making the bin in the playroom general waste and front room recyclable.
  • Remembering to take bags with me when out shopping.
  • I am continuous going through our home to reduce what we have. I went through out kitchen and threw away what we do not use and any duplicate items.
  • At the beginning of each season I am starting to consider my clothes…….. I removed items that I know won’t be wore that season and take items that do not fit or need to the charity shop.
  • I try to use less wipes in the playroom (for cleaning faces, hands and spills) but instead use flannels which can be washed and used again.

So now which areas do I want to work on next?

  • I love wipes- face wipes, cleaning wipes, dusting wipes…….. However they are single use products than are wasteful and cannot be recycled….. I really need to stop this but if I am honest I am finding it very hard to let go!
  • Reducing other single use produces such as food storage…… foil and sandwich bags.
  • Buy some more hessian/fabric bags rather than plastic bags for food shopping.
  • Buy a sign for the front door that says no junk mail.

I know these things really seem like baby steps! There is so much more I could do and hopefully will do in the future.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Gandhi

If you have any advice or ideas for me let me know!

Thank you for reading xxx


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