Our visit to “The robot zoo” at Horniman museum!

Yesterday we went as a family to Horniman museum. Horniman museum is one of favourite local days out and we tend to visit most school holidays.


On this visit we were keen to explore the new exhibition “The Robot zoo” so that is where we headed first. Tom loved the exhibition, it is extremely interactive with so much to do! It really shows the inner workings of different animals in a clear and dynamic way which captures children’s attention and promotes a great understanding of the different creatures. The animals are so impressive, made up of recognizable machine parts and gadgets to reveal how each animals sees, eats, hunts and hides.

I think a wide age range will enjoy this exhibition from young children simply interacting with exhibits and experiencing cause and effect. Older children will be able to relate what they are doing to the different animals and the actions the animals take.

2017-02-12 14.01.46.jpg

After the visiting this exhibition we spent time in the rest of the museum, Tom loves the nature base where you can become a nature explorer and discover how to find and identify wildlife living in and around our city. Tom spend a long time watching the field mice in their home. The bees were not here this time but are fascinating to watch too. We then walked around the national history gallery which is full of here taxidermy, skeletons and fossils. Next stop was the hands-on musical instruments, where children can explore and make a lot of noise with a range of different instruments. Finally we went to the drop-in story session, the story teller was very captivating and got the children engaged with the story.

On this visit we didn’t visit the aquarium which we have done on previous visit. It is a lovely small aquarium where you can see a wide variety of sea life.

The Horniman gardens are stunning, great for exploring and a picnic. In the gardens there are also large musical instruments which the children always have a great time playing. There is a small farm to look around too.

The café in the Horniman is reasonable priced with homemade food. On the occasions I have eaten there, I have always been impressed and enjoyed the food.

Well I hope you found this post useful! What is your favourite part of visiting the Horniman museum? Where else do you like visiting with the kids?

Happy exploring xxx


Please note that you do have to pay for “The Robot zoo” and aquarium.

Tips for visiting the horniman museum and gardens:

  • If you are visiting at peak times and you are visiting the paid exhibitions I suggest booking online in advance so it saves you queuing for tickets and then queuing again to get in the exhibitions.
  • Also if you are visiting at peak time the café gets very busy so bring a picnic.
  • There is a good play park across the road for some extra fun for the kids.
  • Parking is tricky! You can park on one of the residential roads nearby, which at busy times can take time.
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