Printing with children (with things you already have at home!)

Here are some ideas of easy printing with children with things hopefully you have already in your home! The paint I used in all these printing activities is normal ready mix paint.

Folding paper This is a golden oldie activity which children love! Simple fold a piece of paper in half, open it out and paint on one side. Finally close the paper to together, give it a rub and open to reveal a fantastic picture…. Is it a butterfly? Or even a dragon!?

Fruit and vegetable Another golden oldie idea is using fruit and vegetables to print with. Check out this post which shares some ideas of how you could do this.

Plastic bag This idea is taken from the book by Art bar blog. You need a food/freezer bag which you tape onto a tray or table. The children then put paint onto the bag and place paper over the top to create a print of the paint.

2017-02-06 10.44.26.jpg

Bubble wrap Check out this post for more information about bubble wrap printing!

Muffin tin This is a favourite new printing idea which I took from the book by Art bar blog. All you need is a muffin tin, turn it over and paint then press paper on the top to create circle prints.

2017-01-09 14.28.18.jpg

Toys Printing can be done with toys to make interesting marks…….. what about printing with different shaped wooden blocks…. Lego or duplo makes a great pattern………. Plastic animals to print footprints……… cars or trains to print track marks………….


Polystyrene Check out this post for more information about polystyrene printing!

Cardboard tube What about bending a cardboard tube into a heart shape and printing with it?

Printing with a science twist Click here to find out how we made this fizzy art print!

2017-05-18 07.44.09-2

Happy printing! xx

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