Top book “Odd dog out”!

Hurray, “Odd dog out” by Rob Biddulph has finally arrived! Having loved “Blown away” and “Grrrrr!” we knew we were going to be in for a treat and we were not disappointed! What a fantastic story with the perfect mix of humour and emotion!


The story starts in a busy world where all the dogs are the same and blend in. However when you take a closer look there is one dog behaving differently. She tries to join in but she seems to do the opposite to all the other dogs. She feels she just doesn’t fit in so she decides to travel around the world to find a place to fit in. She eventually finds a place where all the dogs are exactly like her! However on closer expection she finds one dog who is a little different and this dog takes the time to teach her a very variable life lesson!


What a fantastic book! The vibrant colourful illustrations really add to the appeal of the book as well as the humour of the story. This is such an engaging story which teaches so much particularly that we should be proud of who we are!

If I was still teaching I would love to use this book with a class of children. There is so much learning that could come out from this book, as well all the personal social and emotional learning, it could be used to teach opposites, colour, pattern, seasons, story structure and settings! What a book!

The children love this book, it is already been read ALOT and it is a pleasure to read to them! This is definitely going in my top ten picture book list!

Happy reading! xx

We have been making our own “Odd dog out”. Some we painted with ready mix paint and some we first stuck down newspaper, painted over with liquid watercolours and finally squeezed paint over the top! I think they look great! xx


Another good books on a similar theme “Mr Tiger goes wild” by Peter Brown.


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