What did we read, create and love in January?

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Hello everyone, I hope you had a good January and you were able to beat any blue feelings! As January is a great time to reflect over things, I have decided to change my end of the month blog post slightly to bring it in line with my blog title. I know people enjoy reading my 10 smiles from the month but don’t worry it is still here under the title “Love”. There may not always be 10 things but it will still be a celebration of some of the little things that made me smile during the month. Thank you once again for reading my blog!


We have been the reading and enjoying the seasonal books Robin’s winter song and Crow’s tale.

At bedtime Tom and I have been reading “The Jolley- Rogers and the cave of doom” by Jonny Duddle. We love Jonny Duddle’s book “The pirates next door” so when decided to try him chapter book which includes the same characters. Tom has really enjoyed the story!

This month I read “Mad girl” by Bryony Gordon, it is the true story of how Bryony lives with mental illness through her early adulthood. It such a good book- it is really honest, funny, distressing, real truthful, heart-warming celebration of life with mental illness. I laughed, cried and learnt a lot…. A must read!


This month we have been doing some of our favourite creating! You can check them out on this post.


We were also inspired by watching “We’re going on a bear hunt” at Christmas to get creative too!



These are the little things I have loved and smiled about this month:

Watching “Eddie the eagle” film on Netflix it made me laugh and cry! What an inspiring story which reminds us that it is the taking part that counts and keep reaching for your dreams whatever that maybe me.

We were privileged to spend a Saturday with wonderful friends. It was lovely to spend a decent amount of time with them as a whole family. Often we see friends for short bursts of time but to actually spend time hanging out, sharing food, going to the park and having a drink in the pub was a pleasure. Doing this also reminds me how blessed we are to live in this area, where friends are close by but also we can walk to a lovely local park and pub!

Mr Lee doing a Friday school run, such a lovely slow morning…… smile!

Meeting a beautiful 5 day old baby girl….. so amazing! So proud of her parents!

Drinking tea out of my new mugs, smile!

Thanks for reading, hope you had a good January, I’d love to know what you have been reading, creating and loving, you can use the hashtag #readcreatelove to let me know!  Happy February everyone xxx

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