My favourite creative activities for young children!

As you can see by the nature of this blog, I love to get creative with young children!  My favourite activities are ones that can be done with a wide age group with minimum adult input (before, during and after!).  I love activities that give maximum opportunity for children to explore their own creativities. The final product is not important it is the process that is most important.

Here are my favourites and the ones that children ask to do over and over again!

Watercolour paints with oil pastels Drawing a picture with oil pastels or candle wax then painting over the top, looks fantastic!

Spin art Children just love spin art! We use a spin art machine but equally effective is a salad spinner.

Marble painting This is always fun- just a tray, paper, marble and paint. Lay the paper in the tray, dip the marble/s in paint and roll and shake. Looks great with several colours!

Masking tape art work On paper, card or canvas stick lines of masking tape then the children paint over the top. When the paint is dry peel off the tape to reveal!


Multimedia and textured art I love art that uses different media and processes, here are some examples: We’re going on a bear hunt, bubbles, dandelions, Rabbityness, Hearts and Floral and the flamingo.

Muffin tin printing This idea is taken from Art bar blog Paint the bottom of a muffin tin then place on paper to print the circles!

2017-01-09 14.28.18.jpg

Printing with marble ink This one does need specialised marbling ink … (the instructions come with the box). The children are always awed by the unique art!


Liquid watercolours on kitchen towel.

Scrape art Such a simple fun effective technique that always produces unique art. I look after a boy who is never keen on painting activities but when he saw this he was excited to have a go! We have done this activity with an old plastic credit card type card and also with a windscreen scraper- both equally effective! First dot or drizzles paint over the paper then scrap the card or scraper over the paper spreading the paint. Wow, they look amazing! For more detailed method check “Hello, Wonderful” blog.

What are your favourite creative activities? Do you have favourite art media you like using?

Happy creating everyone! x

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