10+ creative “We’re going on a bear hunt” ideas!


Did you love the TV adaptation of “We’re going on a bear hunt” by Michael Rosen this Christmas? We loved it, the book is such a wonderful classic children’s book!


Watching “We’re going on a bear hunt” on TV has inspired us to get creative, here are 10 + ideas!

1.       Bear paper plate mask- we cut a paper plate into a bear shape and stuck ears on, then we painted it and when it was dry we added elastic. Ready to wear!

2.       Bear hunt bunting – process art2016-12-22-14-26-11-2

3.       Painting with bear hunt paintbrushes. We made three different paintbrushes- one with grass attached to a stick using an elastic band, one was just a stick and the last one was a cotton wool ball pinched in a peg.

4.     8 creative snowflake ideas.

5.       Fork bear – we created a bear face by printing with a fork then added ears, eyes and nose!2016-12-22-11-36-33-2

6.       Bear silhouette picture- I printed an outline of a bear from the internet and drew it onto a piece of card then I attached it to a piece of paper using blue-tac. The children painted over the paper, we used watercolours and sprinkled salt over the top. Once it was dry, we peeled off the bear to reveal our bear in the deep cold river!

7.       It’s a bear! (collage) – I collected bits of brown material (ribbon, leaves, paper, hessian) and the children glued them onto a bear shape, then finally painted over the top. 2016-12-16-14-36-17-2

8.       Bear collage in the long wavy grass- we decided to make a place for our above bear to sit! We found a box and painted it green. We used a fork to add yellow grass like marks and painted the red flowers using the tips of the fork in red paint.

9.       Footprints- I made this stamp by cutting out the shape out of art foam and sticking them onto a wooden building block using double sided tape. Ready to stamp away!

10.   Let’s go on a bear hunt binoculars! Classic activity attaching together and decorating two cardboard tubes to make binoculars.2016-12-22 11.35.01.jpg

11.   Bear hunt hanging- we went to the woods to collect sticks and pinecones, which we took home and painted and sprinkled with glitter. We drew snowflakes with a candle onto circles, then painted with watercolour over the top. Once everything was dry, we hang the different things using wool.

Happy creating everyone! xx


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