“We’re going on a bear hunt” bunting!

Did you love the TV adaptation of “We’re going on a bear hunt” by Michael Rosen this Christmas? We loved it, the book is such a wonderful classic children’s book!


It inspired us to get creative! We made bunting, we made 9 flags which we were all different using different methods, however you may just want to choose one or two methods for your bunting.

2016-12-22 14.26.11 (2).jpg

Here is how we made our bunting:

  • Fork painting- we used a fork to paint “Long wavy grass!” First we used green paint then we included some red flowers by dabbing the tip of the fork in red paint.
  • Grass paint brush- we collected grass/ leaves and a stick from the garden then used an elastic band to attach the grass to the top of the stick to create a paint brush. Ready to get painting!
  • Candle wax painting- first we drew a snowflake with a candle then painted with watercolours over the top.
  • Doilies painting- find out more here.
  • Watercolours and salt- we used watercolours to create a “Deep cold river” then we sprinkled salt over the top.
  • Splatter painting- lots of fun splatter painting with slightly watered down paint or liquid watercolours.
  • Marble printing- we use special marble inks. It is super easy and children are always amazed at the effects!
  • Bark rubbing- Super easy find a tree and get rubbing!
  • Stick painting- instead of a paintbrush use a stick!

Finally string your flags together and hang!

2016-12-22 14.26.25 (2).jpg

Happy creating! xxx

P.S Check out more “We’re going on a bear hunt” ideas here.




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