10 ideas of fabulous things to make, do and celebrate in January with your children!

Here is my monthly post, which I post at the beginning of every month. I am looking ahead at the month and suggesting 10 things you could do with your children. These things will focus on celebrating the season and special events in that month.

Here goes:

  1. Thank you I really believe in nurturing gratitude in children and one way I think this can be done is by encouraging children to say thank you for gifts. They can be really simple, for very young children a handprint or their marks with pens or paper is lovely!
  2. Celebrate Chinese New Year Check out local events to celebrate Chinese New Year, last year we headed into London to watch the parade. If you can’t get to any of the celebrations, surely the least you should do is to have a Chinese take away??! IMG_20160214_121012
  3. Nothing to do? Did the kids get games and activities kits for Christmas? Why not have a family afternoon….. get them out of the box and get busy!
  4. Chinese New Year crafting What about painting dragons? Have a go at writing Chinese symbols?
  5. Blow those cobwebs away! I promise, you will all feel better for it, wrap up warm and get outside! img_20161227_152349
  6. Memories The little moments come and go so quickly, what about making a special jar where the family record some special moments and save them to next December to read them together.
  7. Resolutions?? I know resolutions are generally not kept but I do think January is good time to reflect and try to put into place some things you want to work at. Why not include the children in this? What would they like to do more of this year? What would they to get better at or learn this year?
  8. Beat the blues and plan a family trip Put a date in the dairy to have a family day! Make sure it is in the diary so it happens and you have something to look forward to. What do your family really enjoy doing? Our favourite family days are either going to the woods or the beach!
  9. Feed the birds Remember the birds this winter, make a bird feed and hang in your garden.
  10. Big bird watch On the 28th-30th January take part in RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch to help build a picture of garden wildlife across the UK.

Here are some suggestion of some fab picture books for January:

We love these winter books:


The crow’s tale – Naomi Howarth Wonderful book, click here to read my book share.

Robin’s Winter song- Suzanne Barton

One snowy night – Nick Butterworth. Book share here

What about Chinese New Year books? Click here to find out about some of  our favourite Chinese New Year book.

Well I hope you found this post useful! If you have got suggestions of things we should be doing in January let me know! Happy 2017 everyone! xx



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