Easy Christmas card ideas!

Here are some super simple Christmas card ideas:

When I make cards with children I generally use a prepared blank card. However I folded piece of card works well and sometimes better becauce it is bigger and can be cheaper!



Christmas lights card- I prepared the card with a line for the children to put their fingerprints on to make the lights. I think it looks really effective.




Snowy Christmas tree card- click here to find out how we made this card.




Fingerprint wreath card- I drew a circle and then the children fingerprinted around the circle. Finally they made red berries by using red paint and cotton bud and we added a bow too.



Christmas tree card- First I used blue tac to stick a cardboard Christmas tree to the piece of paper. The children then fingerprinted all over the paper. We used an ink pad but you could use paint. When I peeled off the tree it revealed a shape of a tree ready to be decorated. We used pens and small sparkling stickers.



Handprint Christmas cards- I think handprints are a great way to make Christmas cards with very young children. This is simply a green handprint then colourful fingerprints over the top.

Happy Christmas card making! xx


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