The Christmas Eve tree!

The Christmas Eve tree by Delia Huddy is a wonderful story of hope which brought a lump to my throat when I was reading it!


The story begins in a forest where a small fir tree is blown sideways and is unable to grow properly. In December all the trees are dug up ready to be sold in the city. Trees are taken to different places ready to be enjoyed during the Christmas season.  On Christmas Eve, the little fir tree is still left in a department store without a home. A boy comes into the shop and asks if he can have the little tree, there is no use for the tree in the shop now so the shop assistant allows him to have it. The boy takes the tree, planting him in a cardboard box on the way to the arches of the railway bridge. There the boy has his box to sleep in. The little fir tree becomes happier as now he belongs somewhere. Passers-by give the boy coins which he spends on candles to decorate the tree. Other people now return to their cardboard boxes too, they gather around the tree and sing Christmas songs. Passes-by join in the singing, the little fir tree is so happy. After Christmas the boy moves on and the street cleaner is cleaning the streets, he notices the little fir tree has a little green shoot – what will happen to the tree now………?


What a wonderful thought provoking story! I personally think it is really important at Christmas to talk to our children about what Christmas is like for different people in the UK and around the world. This year with Tom we are doing a revere advent calendar where we place an item in a box everyday during advent to give to a food bank. I hope this will be an act which will remind him that we are so blessed and the importance of helping people less fortunate than ourselves.

I think this is a really important book to share with children, I highly recommend it to you!

Happy festive reading xx


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