Ideas for your Winter Happy little season box!

Are you considering buying a “Happy little season box”? Or have you bought a box?

Thinking of buying a winter happy little season box? This post gives you sneak preview of what you can expect and what your child might do using elements of the box.


If you have already bought one, thank you! I hope you are enjoying the box. The boxes are designed to be open-ended so that your child can use them in any way their imagination leads, but if you are needing a little inspiration to get you started, here are a few ideas:

What could you do with your bird seed?

Check out this post for two different ways to make a bird seed feeder.

What could you do with your candle kit?

The evening get so dark so early during winter– candle light can be so special! Candlemas day is on the 2nd February and it a Christian festival of light, why not have a meal by candle light using the beautiful candle holder your child has made!

Look at this beautiful candle holder – you just need a glass jar, PVA glue and your little kit. Click here to find out all the details.

2015-12-07 12.01.05

What could you do with your doilies?

Doily printing is super easy and effective. Check out more information on this post.

 What could you do with the lollypop sticks?

After Christmas the house can look bare, why not decorate a snowflake to brighten up your home. I stuck three lollypop sticks on top of each other with superglue. Then the children can decorate with pens, sequins and glitter! If you would like to hang it, glue a sting on the back.


What could you do with pipe cleaners?

You could make a star or snowflake picture. Twist three pipe cleaners together folding out the bottom, dipping it into paint and printing onto paper, finishing off with a little glitter.


What could you do with snowflake stickers?

We stuck our snowflake stickers on our paper then we painted around the edge then peeled them off to reveal a beautiful piece of art.


Don’t forget children will use their own imagination to create wonderful things!

If you would like more ideas or advice feel free to contact me x

P.S Click here to buy your Happy little season box xx


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