Feed the birds: make your own bird feeder!

Don’t forget the beautiful birds during this winter season. Talk to the children about the changes that occur in nature during winter and get them involved in making these simple bird feeders. Lots of fine motor skills and hand eye coordination great for the children!


Here are two examples of easy to make bird feeders:

Orange bird feeder

Need: Orange, string, bird seed, sharp knife to make holes in orange.

First cut the orange in half, inviting the children to scoop out the orange. The next bit will need an adult- make holes in orange peel using a sharp knife and thread through the string. Then invite the children to scoop bird seed into the orange. Now it is ready to hang in the garden!

Cookie cutter bird feeder

Need: Cookie cutter, string or ribbon, bird seed, straw, boiling water, gelatin (2 packets / 2 tablespoons), bowl, spoon, grease-proof paper.


Dissolve 2 tablespoons of gelatin in 2/3 cups of boiling water. When dissolved, add 2 cups of bird seed. Mix together for 2/3 minutes (don’t worry if there is excess gelatine). Place cookie cutter on a pieces of grease proof paper. Scoop seed into the cutter – pushing down to pack as tightly as possible. Push in the straw to create a hole to thread string later. Allow bird seed cookie to dry 3/4 hours if possible flip half way through. Next gently push out the cookie from the cutter and leave overnight. Push out the straw and thread through string or ribbon and hang in the garden.

We did the same in a yoghurt tub too.


There are lots of different examples of easy to make bird feeders on Pinterest.

Happy making! x

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